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Tips To Guide You Through The Process Of Obtaining A Social Security Card

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If you are a citizen of the U.S. but have been born in a foreign country, chances are, you will face problems when you are applying for any legal document. Similarly, for getting a new social security card, you would need to spend hours at the nearest social security office, or so you would think. However, in just a few easy steps, you can erase all the hassles of the procedure by simply following these tips that are guaranteed to make your application process a lot smoother.

Tips for a smooth application process

  • Before you apply, ensure that you have all the necessary documents for the application. These would include a proof of citizenship, where the accepted documents would be an U.S. passport, N-550/N-570, DS-1350, N-560/N-561 and the FS-240, CRBA. For age proof, you must produce a birth certificate if available; otherwise, documents from the DHS proving the same and finally, for Identity proof, you must provide a driver’s licence, non-driver’s ID or a passport. If these are not available, you may also provide employee ID, school ID, Health Insurance card or military ID.
  • You must submit the filled out application form with accurate details that collaborate with the information present in the documents provided online or to the nearest social service office.
  • Following this, adult candidates or candidates above the age of 12 have to appear for an interview and provide evidence that a Social Security Number has not already been assigned to you. The documents that can suffice for the proof of this include-
    • If you have been residing abroad for a considerable period of time, a current or previous passport/educational reports/ employment reports or other documents showing residence outside the US.
    • If you have permanently resided in the US, information of schooling or copies of tax records to prove a SSN was not assigned.

Thinking of getting a new social security card? Definitely use these tips!