Buy Verified Forskolin – Beware of the Posers

Forskolin, or Plectranthus barbatus, is a herb belonging to the mint family. Native to the subtropical and tropical regions of India and East Africa, Forskolin has been used in traditional medicine systems for centuries for treatment of digestive disorders and heart conditions. Forskolin has also been proven to be effect in treating colon cancer and increase in testosterone levels in overweight and obese men. With the magic of modern science, Forskolin is an effective weight loss treatment with minimal side effects.

Buyer beware

It is however important to note that what you are purchasing is truly verified Forskolin. In the absence of proper certification procedures, lots of knock off brands have sprung up to capitalise on this trend. At the very least, you are sold an ineffective treatment that consists nothing but sugar pills. Worst case scenario though, is that what you purchase is actually harmful to your health and your well-being. There have been cases where people have fallen seriously ill due to consumption of unknown plant extracts in the form of Forskolin marketed by dubious brands.

Purchase verified brands only

Due to the complex nature of obtaining these indigenous herbs and properly processing them to retain their legendary qualities in a modern tablet form, it needs proper equipment, knowhow and specialisation. This is where buying from a recognised brand pays off. You might be paying a little extra, but you can rest assured with complete peace of mind that you will get full satisfaction from using a product that is verified Forskolin and not snake oil.

Check reviews and testimonials

The best source of honest information is, unsurprisingly, not a paid commercial. It is a consumer review; an upstanding citizen who has purchased the product with their own money with no external influence and reported on its efficacy. If you are viewing a Forskolin product with consistently low ratings, you can be certain that you are indeed looking at a fake product that is not verified Forskolin. A product with a majority of high rated reviews and lots of testimonials is a genuine verified Forskolin derived product and you should buy that with confidence, secure in the knowledge that so many people before you have purchased that product and being fully satisfied with its efficacy and its promises have taken it upon themselves to promote and recommend that product to others.