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The Compensations you are capable of receiving in the case of any disruption of your flight plan

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If you are travelling to any city within the EU Member States or to or from any city within the EU Member States, you have a special kind of privilege waiting for you. Suppose your flight has been cancelled or delayed due to no fault of your own. What do you do in such a scenario? With the Flight Delay Compensation Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 you can file for a claim for reimbursement at and be liable to receiving anywhere between € 125- € 600 as a reimbursement for the disruption of your plans and a wasted journey.

If you comply with all the rules and regulations that have been specified under the guidelines, these are some of the different forms of reimbursements that you are liable to receive from the airline company for the disruption of your travel plans-

  • Cash compensation

Cash compensation can be received up to

  • Below 1,500km- two hours delay- € 350
  • Between 1,500km – 3,500km- three hours delay – € 545
  • Above 3,500km- 4 hours delay- €600
  • Rerouting/ Refunds
    • Re-routing/ refunds can be done under three methods-
    • Repaying cost of the flight ticket that has not been used or if the flight does not serve the original purpose with a flight back to point of boarding.
    • Re-routing to the destination as soon as possible under similar situations
    • For re-routing to a city with multiple airports, if the airline provides a flight to a different airport, it also has to provide the cost of conveyance to the destined airport.
  • Refreshments and accommodations
    • Refreshments that are in proportion with the period of waiting
    • Communication charges for calls/messages/fax or mails.
    • Accommodation charges and the cost of travelling to the place of accommodation for a night if the person does not get a flight the same day.

With the host of benefits, you can easily ensure that the airline has to pay for any sort of negligence on their side or any avoidable circumstances for which your plans got cancelled and receive proper reimbursement for the harassment faced by you.