What are tier 1, tier 2, etc … links?

As a business man, you probably have read a lot about SEO and link building. If so, you must have heard about tier 1, tier 2, tier 3, etc … links, right? Are they not confusing? Let me explain!

Your business website is called money site – that’s the targeted website that marketers try to rank on search engines. By building links to your money site(s), your rankings increase slowly … or quickly, depending on what hat SEO you are using and for what purpose.

There are a lot of things to know about links. Links that link to your money site directly are called tier 1 links. These are usually the links that contain the highest quality of content and links in your entire campaign. These are usually guest posts, blog posts and web 2.0 properties.

Then there are other link types such as article directories, wiki sites, social bookmarks that are not as quality as tier 1 links. These normally come in masses and feature low quality content, if any at all. Those normally link to your tier 1 pages that link to your money site(s).

Then there are even less quality links that normally come in larger masses than your tier 2 links. These are sites like auto approve blog comments, track backs, forum profiles, etc … they normally link to tier 2 links.

So, what’s the hell is going on? Why would you do such complex campaign? Simply because those links that link to higher quality links will make them even stronger. Let’s assume that you build 20 highest quality tier 1 links that link directly to your money site. Then you can easily build 5,000 links that link to those 20 tier 1 links. It would be very dangerous to link those tier 2 links directly to your money site. Then you can build 1,000,000 links to those tier 2 links to make each higher tier links much stronger.

I hope that it explains a lot about link tiers. If you are looking for SEO agency Hemel Hempstead that does such link tier structure, you just found one!